The Issues

  • Public Education – I have served on the Hamilton County School Board since March of 2012. Our district needs a County Commissioner that understands the educational needs of our students, teachers, and parents. I have been on the front line advocating for our public schools. I will continue to work alongside others to ensure we have the resources needed to improve student achievement. Every High School graduate deserves a quality education whether they are entering the workforce or going to college.
  • Public Safety – I will support our Sheriff’s Deputies, Volunteer Firemen, and First Responders to ensure they have the needed resources to keep us safe and protect our neighborhoods. I will support those that risk their lives for our safety.
  • Property Taxes – I will not support a property tax increase unless there is an emergency in our county. I will support a property tax freeze for our senior citizens if a tax proposal is brought to the county commission.
  • Conservative Management – I have been responsible for government, charitable, and private business budgets in my career. I will give my best effort to eliminate wasteful spending of our tax dollars. I will work with others to ensure that Hamilton County keeps its AAA Bond Rating.
  • Community – I have been involved in our community for years. I will continue to be accessible through personal, community and neighborhood meetings with the people of Hixson, Big Ridge, Middle Valley, and Lakesite. My cell phone is 423-596-7338. I welcome your concerns. I am here to listen, solve problems and be your advocate in county government.