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The Issues

  • Public Safety – Safety and Security in our communities and schools is of paramount importance. I will never vote to De-fund the Police.
    1. I voted to allocate $1.9 million to the Sheriff’s Office in 2020 to address the salaries of our deputies. All sworn officers got at least a 5% raise and the average was a 14% raise. I voted to increase funding to hire more School Resource Officers.
    2. I am a proud supporter of the Dallas Bay Volunteer Fire Department and made sure it had the resources needed to keep its ISO Rating of 2. This is the highest rated volunteer fire department in Tennessee. This keeps insurance rates low.
  • Public Education – Great communities are defined by parental involvement in public education. 64% of the county’s budget goes to our public schools.  Working with others I have been able to see the completion of new Middle Valley Elementary School and the new Hixson High Track and Tennis Courts.
    1. I have voted for over $122 million in new school construction projects in the county in the last 4 years.
    2. I voted to support the new Trade-School in East Chattanooga that is scheduled to open in August 2022.
    3. In the last 4 years the Hamilton County Department of Education has received over $27 million in additional local tax dollars. They are stewards of an additional $51 million of local, state, and federal monies provided this past 4 years. The School Board is accountable for how this money is allocated for teachers salaries and staffing.
  • Job Growth and Economic Development – Through the economic policies of our local government we have been able to attract thousands of new jobs over the last 4 years. The future is even brighter with the purchase of the 2,000 plus acre McDonald Farm in Sale Creek. This will ensure more jobs over the next several decades. This growth has kept the tax burden low for our citizens.
  • Property Taxes – I voted against the largest proposed tax increase in 2019 because of the great economic growth in our county over the past several years. That growth was sufficient enough to meet the needs in our schools and local government.
    1. Voted for a property tax freeze for our senior citizens.
    2. Voted to match the State of Tennessee’s senior citizens tax relief program.