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The Issues

Safe neighborhoods and communities

We must give our law enforcement the support they need. Much of the crime can be traced back to the Fentanyl and Heroin that is coming into our community.

The reason I serve as the Chairman of the Board of Adult and Teen Challenge is rooted in this American crisis that affects Tennesseans. I see it up close and personal through my service in this recovery ministry.

Let me tell you how that affects you: 

First, we all know of young people who have overdosed on these drugs. I have been to way too many funerals of young adults that have died from Fentanyl. In February there was a stretch where Hamilton County was averaging 1 death a day for 18 days. This is not acceptable for our people.

Second, the crime in our neighborhoods often can be traced to these addictive drugs. 

A carload of thieves gets out at one end of the street in your neighborhood in the middle of the night. They go from car-to-car trying doors trying to find anything to sell. 

At the other end of your road, someone picks them up and they are headed to the next neighborhood. Your neighborhood has been violated. These crimes are driven by the drug crises. 

I want you to know I will do everything I can to back the blue and protect our shared vision of the American Dream. 


I am going to work with others to make sure we have the necessary infrastructure with roads, schools, and sewers. This is especially going to be important in Sale Creek at the McDonald Farm. It will be a game changer for our community and region if we have the cooperation needed. 

I want to look at using some of that land to have relief that can help us out at railroad crossing. It must make sense to all involved but it is worth a conversation.

We have one time to get it right and I want to pour myself into this economic project that will create jobs and keep our property taxes lower for the next generation.


There is no reason we can’t attract the high paying tech jobs we hear about in Silicon Valley or Austin, TX. Our way of life, tax structure, debt, and natural resources are superior to any other state. These high paying jobs spur additional jobs that support a robust economy. We need to recruit industrial jobs to McDonald Farm but we also need to recruit tech jobs to our existing areas around Chattanooga. I was proud to vote for tax relief this past session to expand Broadband in our state.

Public Education

I am married to a public school teacher. We talk about improving education every night at our home. This means choices for parents and parental involvement/access in our public school system. The best schools in our system are the ones where the parents are engaged.

The new education formula – TISA will put an additional $1B into public education. There will not be an LEA that gets less money than they did through the BEP formula. And yet TISA will need to be tweaked. I welcome ideas on how to make it better.

In addition to this, we put $500M into CTE for new vocational education like the old Kirkman. We must continue to make high school graduates ready for the expanding workforce in Tennessee.